To Be Young And Reckless

Time is something everyone can’t battle with. Its constant movement forced us to keep moving forward when we want to stop in some certain moment or want to turn back the time. Basically, we can’t do anything if it against time.

We grow up from baby, child, teenager, adult, old age and death; that are the stage of life. Remember when we were kids and we want to be an adult soon? Thinking how great to life as an adult, make my own decisions and rules? Screw my parents and their rules, I will do whatever I want! Then when we are an adult we think, why I have to be an adult? Being adult is sucks. I have to take care everything by my own, paid the bills and buy things with my own money. I have to work to get some money. I miss my childhood. It was so nice to be kids. Well, I bet everyone has the same thought about that.

Lately, I just have finished watching GREEK the TV series. It was aired in 2008-2012 and produced by ABC TV Network. I really-really love this series. For me, it teach so much about life, friendship and love. It is one of my favorite TV series. I remember Episode 19 from Season 1 that adored so much. There is this scene where the students of Greek system defend their presence among the non Greek in the case of the Greeks have more privilege than the non Greek. Here is the quotes that inspired me to write this post :

“We Greeks can often be irresponsible and reckless.
But I don’t regret anything I’ve done and neither should anybody here, because screwing up is what college is all about. Learning from your mistakes and all that.
Yet, if you deny us our chances to fail now, it’s gonna be a lot harder for us to play catch-up in the future.”
Cappie – KTT – Greek (TV Series)

Yep, that is what college is all about, BEING IRRESPONSIBLE, RECKLESS and SCREWING UP.

I am thinking, the quote is right, Cappie is right. That is what college is supposed to be, to learn from mistake, to do what we want, not to think about tomorrow. Because why? When we graduate from college, we practically an adult, whether we want it or not. The society and our family will considerate us as adult which means we can’t mess up with our life anymore. We have to start do the right thing for the sake of our own future, get a job, get a good career, have a proper life and so on.

So, what have I done during my college years? 4 years of being the youthful, full of hormones and free spirit? Well, I must say I did what most of the Asian did, finish my college education without joking around.

Living in Asian culture brings so much pressure in life. How we, Asian, think that education is number one and don’t ever try to mess with that. But now I hate following that culture custom. I missed my 4 years of fun and trade with a degree that don’t do much for my future. I don’t want to be the super reckless girl who neglect my responsibility as a student, but I also want to have a little FUN, a little of everything.

Someone says that,

“You will never know how precious it is until you miss it”

Well now I know. I missed my college life! I was too engrossed to my study until I miss all the fun moments I will never have. Now I am facing the adult stage, I am expected to have certain points of maturity in me. You never can turn back the time unless you have found the secret of life. You are being pushed to move forward, to get old in each single second. You will miss your past, the precious moment, the I-wish-I-had-done-that moments, the stupid moments and other moments that make your life is yours.

Put it that way, let’s life our life to the fullest. Let’s make no regret in the future. Let’s do what’s best for our life, so when our time is up, we will have no regrets.


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